Majority of Saskatchewan small businesses support the removal of COVID-19 restrictions

Regina, February 15, 2022 – As the Saskatchewan government begins to lift COVID restrictions across the province, new data from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) shows most small business owners in Saskatchewan support the removal of public health measures such as PCR border tests, proof of vaccination, vaccine mandates for employees, and masking rules. 

“While there is majority support for removing COVID restrictions among small business owners, it should be noted that the view is not universal. Some business owners feel that vaccine passports make customers feel safer,” said Dan Kelly, CFIB president.   

When asked which business restrictions should be eliminated, Saskatchewan small business owners said: 

  • Capacity restrictions on all sectors (81 per cent) 
  • Travel restrictions such as PCR tests for crossing the border (80 per cent) 
  • Vaccine passports for customers (81 per cent) 
  • Vaccine mandates for employees (81 per cent) 
  • Mandatory masking rules should be eliminated (70 per cent)

With restrictions being removed, the Saskatchewan government also needs to introduce a solid plan for businesses to stay open. Any reintroduction of restrictions on business activities due to another COVID wave needs to be based on clearly communicated, scientific evidence with targets and dates shared for their removal. 
“Only 35 per cent of Saskatchewan small businesses are making normal sales,” said Annie Dormuth, Saskatchewan provincial affairs director. “And even lifting restrictions does not mean that customers will flood back to their local businesses. Until public health officials and governments can reassure consumers that it is safe to return to office work, shopping, dining, events and travel, the COVID economic hangover will continue.” 

For media enquiries or interviews, please contact: 
Annie Dormuth 
Saskatchewan provincial affairs director 
403 700-1945  

Your Voice – February 2022: An online survey completed by 3,412 CFIB members between February 9-14, 2022. For comparison purposes, a probability sample with the same number of respondents would have a margin of error of ±1.7 per cent, 19 times out of 20. Results obtained so far are preliminary. 

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