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Frequently Asked Questions on Manitoba Employment Standards

Employment standards laws set a basic level of rights for employees, such as hours of work, overtime, vacation, statutory holidays, notice of termination, etc. Some employers provide more benefits, but no one can agree to work for less than the minimum rules.

Which set of employment standards applies to my business?

Approximately 90% of Manitoba workplaces fall under the Manitoba Employment Standards Code. A great place to start is the Manitoba Employment Standards Branch.

The other 10% of workplaces – from the grain industry, air transportation, aircraft operations, highway transportation, communications – follow the Canada Labour Code. If your company is on the list of federally-regulated workplaces, read Part III and the pamphlets rather than the information shared below.

What changes came into effect in June 2018?

In Manitoba, Bill 20 received Royal Assent on June 4, 2018 and has made the following changes.

As CFIB helps our members understand the employment standards rules, we find the most frequently-asked questions are on the following topics.

April 24, 2020

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