Blue J: what it is and how it can help your business

As an organization, CFIB is always looking for ways to increase our members’ odds of success. Recently we have added Blue J, an artificial intelligence software, to the arsenal of tools our Business Advisors can use when providing information and guidance to you.

What is Blue J?

Blue J is a computer software program that searches legal rulings surrounding labour and tax issues and compares them to the factors you raise with us, to predict an outcome if a matter were settled in court.


  • You need to lay off a long-term employee. You know the notice you must give to meet Employment Standards requirements, but what about severance and the Common Law? Blue J’s Labour and Employment module will look at previous cases to see what the courts awarded. This information can then be used to make an educated decision regarding the severance to be paid.
  • Your store in Manitoba has received an order from a customer in Newfoundland and Labrador – do you know how much sales tax to charge? Blue J’s Tax module will help you determine the tax to charge, and the amount, using place of supply rules established by the CRA.

How does Blue J work?

When you call in with a concern, a CFIB Business Advisor will lead you through a series of questions to establish the facts of your situation. The Advisor will input your answers into Blue J’s software and Blue J will compare your information with previous similar cases. The software will provide possible outcomes, ranging from best-case to worst-case scenarios.

Is there a cost to using Blue J?

No! Accessing a Blue J report is included in the price of your membership.
In fact, Blue J can help save you money! Because many large law and accounting firms use Blue J, you can take the report that is generated to your legal/accounting professional saving them the research and you the hourly fees!

What else can Blue J help with?

  • Calculating severance pay - Employment Standards vs Common Law
  • Examining Just Cause for dismissal
  • Did a constructive dismissal occur?
  • Satisfying Duty to Accommodate - Human Rights
  • Disciplinary action - best practice
  • Worker classification - Employee or Contractor
  • Is drug and alcohol testing warranted?
  • What sales tax do you charge customers out of province/country (GST/HST/PST)?
  • Capital Gains
  • Property rental income
  • Director's liability
  • Home office deductions
  • Arm's length relationships (EI eligibility)

Does this mean CFIB is now providing legal and accounting advice?

No, Blue J is another tool in the kit we use to help increase our members odds of success. The reports generated allow you to be one step ahead when you meet with your legal/accounting professional, but they do not take the place of legal or accounting advice.

Our experienced Advisors will always tell you when professional guidance is required.

CFIB members have access to Legal Assist through our Savings Program Partner, Northbridge.

How do I access Blue J?

Simply call our Advisors at 1-833-568-2342 to explain your situation/concern and they will take you through the process.

Note: not all situations will be suitable for Blue J; however, our Advisors have many tools at their disposal and will work diligently to get you the help and information you need.

Can I buy Blue J to use in my business?

Blue J is a different kind of partnership for CFIB. They are not part of our suite of Savings programs; however, CFIB members can get a discount on their purchase of Blue J. Access your free demonstration here