Has your New Brunswick property tax assessment gone up? It’s time to take a look!

Property Assessments in New Brunswick are mailed out on March 1st.

Every year some business owners receive assessments with substantial increases that they do not agree with. 

If you receive an assessment on your property tax that you disagree with, you can use the appeal process. But note that this process has a very strict deadline. If you are requesting an appeal you need to have all required documents submitted within 30 days of the mailing of the Property Assessment and Tax Notice on March 1st

Service New Brunswick has more information on the steps that need to be followed to appeal your Real Property Assessment.

Are you in Saint John?

Under Plan SJ your property may have been rezoned. This could have an impact on your assessment and on the future resale value of your property. Contact Business Resources if you have questions 1 888 234 2232.

  Tips :

  • when you receive your assessment review it right away;
  • check your current zoning because that could also affect the value of your property;
  • if you intend to appeal call your Regional Assessment office right away;
  • don’t delay! You only have 30 days to make the appeal.