Hire a Worker Program available to you through WorkSafeBC

As you know, it can cost thousands of dollars to replace a worker. The Hire a Worker Program provided by WorkSafeBC can give you access to skilled workers without incurring the usual costs associated with advertising, recruiting, and training potential employees. Employers who use the hiring program can qualify for cost-incentive programs designed to help offset the costs of training a new employee.

The Hire a Worker Program can help you:

  • Find the people you need to work in new or existing positions
  • Meet the needs of your organization with custom cost incentive programs
  • Reduce training and wage costs through cost-sharing arrangements
  • Submit a job opportunity directly through the Employer & Small Business Centre at WorkSafeBC

The program begins with you submitting a job opportunity to WorkSafeBC outlining what you require. WorkSafeBC will then search though their skilled client base of job-ready workers to find a match for you. 

For any questions please contact your Business Counsellor at 1-888-234-2232.