Needing assistance dealing with Alberta's Workers’ Compensation Board?

If you need help navigating Alberta’s workers’ compensation system, you can access the Advisor Office (AO) . The AO provides independent advice and guidance to workers and employers on all aspects of workers’ compensation, including appeals. 

The Employer Advisor Branch can help with issues or disagreements regarding WCB claims. The Advisors can:

  • explain WCB legislation and how it applies to your account or to a claim,
  • provide guidance on working through the system, including how to find and present evidence to support your case, and
  • represent you during appeals – attend hearings, write submissions, and make arguments on your behalf. 

All employers who are covered by WCB Alberta are eligible to access the services of the AO at no cost. 

For further information, please contact the AO by completing the online request form,  e-mailing or by calling 1-866-427-0115.