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Needing assistance dealing with Alberta's Workers’ Compensation Board?

Employers who need help navigating the WCB system, including how to appeal a WCB decision, now have access to the Fair Practices Office (FPO). As a result of the Alberta Government’s review of all agencies, boards and commissions, the FPO was established on December 1, 2018. As part of the FPO service offerings, the Employer Appeals Advisor Branch (EAAB) was created to provide a new appeal advocacy service for employers that is independent from the WCB. 

FPO services include:

• Resolution: They can seek resolution with the WCB on behalf of the employer.

• Advice and education: They offer advice and education on all claim and account related matters.

• Representation: They can provide formal representation on behalf of the employer at all levels of appeal. 

For further information, please contact their office by completing the online request form on the FPO website or by calling the FPO office at 1-866-427-0115.


August 16, 2019

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