WCB Alberta employer annual payroll estimate due February 29th

Every year, all employers registered with Alberta's Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) must complete an Annual Payroll Estimate even if the amount is zero. 

If you have workers, you're required to report by February 29 both your insurable earnings for the past year and an estimate of what you expect to pay in the current year. This is important information to ensure you are paying the correct premium amount. 

Your premium rate is the cost of coverage per $100 of assessable earnings. The premium you pay is affected by:

  • Your claims experience,
  • Your industry performance, and
  • Historical data and trends. 

The minimum premium is $200. 

Beginning January 1, you can submit your annual return by just logging into myWCB and selecting File my annual return. You have until February 29 (as 2024 is a leap year) to file.

If you are enrolled in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program, it is important you submit your return on time as late filing may prevent you from receiving your PIR refund.

Information needed to complete your Annual Payroll Estimate includes:

  • 2023 financial records, T-4 and/or T-4A summaries
  • Records of amounts paid for regular, contract or casual labour in 2023
  • Other records you need to estimate your 2024 payroll
  • WCB Account Number
  • Date your workers were (or will be) hired

Employers who fail to report an accurate amount within the time frames specified may be charged penalties for late registration, late filing, or under estimating their payroll.

Mark your calendar to periodically review your payroll throughout the year. Employers must revise their estimate when it no longer reflects the amount they expect to pay to workers for the year. Estimates may be revised any time during the year, up to the last business day of December. Whether adjusting for an increase or a decrease in payroll compared to the estimated amount, notifying WCB allows for an adjustment to your account to appropriately reflect your coverage.

Personal Coverage

Please read the WCB fact sheet on Personal Coverage before deciding whether or not to take it. Personal coverage is available to proprietors, partners in a partnership, and directors of a corporation.

Visit WCB's website for more information about filing your annual return and to access addition resources, or contact WCB at ebusiness.support@wcb.ab.ca; telephone 780-498-7688 in Edmonton or 1-866-922-9221.