WSCC NWT & Nunavut employer annual payroll estimate due February 28th

Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut (WSCC) requires employers to report payroll figures annually.

Report both your insurable earnings for the past year and an estimate of what you expect to pay in the current year, using WSCC Connect. This information is required by February 28. Failure to report by the due date results in penalties.

WSCC will multiply your payroll estimate by your firm’s premium rate to determine your premium.

Information needed to complete your Annual Payroll Estimate includes:

  • 2021 financial records, T-4 and/or T-4A summaries
  • Records of amounts paid for regular, contract or casual labour in 2021
  • Other records you need to estimate your 2022 payroll
  • WSCC Account Number
  • Date your workers were (or will be) hired

See the Guide and FAQs for more information. 

Mark your calendar to periodically review your payroll throughout the year. Employers must revise their estimate when it no longer reflects the amount they expect to pay to workers for the year. Whether adjusting for an increase or a decrease in payroll compared to the estimated amount, it is important to inform the WSCC of any changes to your payroll in order to avoid a penalty. If your payroll figures have changed, you can notify the WSCC by submitting a Payroll Revision form.

For more information you can contact WSCC:

Yellowknife, 867-92-3888 or 1-800-661-0792, or

Iqaluit, 867-979-8500 or 1-877-404-4407 or