Know the permits and licenses needed to start a business in BC

BizPaL is a joint initiative between federal, provincial and local governments across the country. It's a one-stop, online resource for all permits and licenses required by federal, provincial and municipal governments. Business owners just have to answer a few multiple choice questions, and the system will list all the required permits and licenses.

Most local government interviewees are supportive of BizPaL, particularly because it has required minimal effort and cost on the part of local government and is serving the needs of business owners like you! In fact, more than 100 of BC's Municipalities are on board with BizPal...and this number only seems to be increasing.

Using BizPal is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Simply enter the name of your Municipality, the type of business you are starting, and select the appropriate topics for permits and licenses that apply to your business.