Are you ready for the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety inspection blitzes?

The Ministry of Labour has announced that starting April 1, 2024 and continuing through to March 31, 2025, inspectors will be visiting workplaces to ensure they comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This is a five-year strategy for Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety System. 

Considerations taken when deciding on campaigns and initiatives include the following:  

  • Compliance history
  • Injury, illness, and fatality rates
  • Current events
  • Nature of the work (e.g., work hazards that apply to the job)
  • Strategic priorities
  • Advice from field intelligence and stakeholders
  • Vulnerability of workers 

Please note that Occupational Health and Safety Officers can inspect your business without notice. Employers visited by Ministry inspectors should keep detailed records of the inspection including what areas of the workplace were checked, what information was requested, and which employees, if any, were interviewed.

Information on provincial inspections: 

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