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Are you ready for the Occupational Health and Safety and Employment Standards inspection blitzes?

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The Ministry of Labour has announced that starting April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019 inspectors will be visiting workplaces to ensure that workplaces comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act.

Please note that Occupational Health and Safety Officers can inspect your business without notice. Employers that are visited by Ministry inspectors should keep detailed records of the inspection including details relating to what areas of the workplace checked, what information was requested, and which employees, if any, were interviewed.

Provincial blitzes: 

  • Construction Blitzes: Working at Heights and Reversing equipment on construction projects, and Employment Standards 
  • Industrial Blitzes: New and young workers’ health and safety, Health and safety in warehouse and “big box” retail
  • Mining Blitzes: Conveyor guarding in mines and mining plan and mobile equipment

Provincial initiatives:

  • Construction Initiative: internal responsibility system 
  • Industrial Initiative: Internal responsibility system – newly registered small businesses
  • Mining Initiatives: Internal responsibility system – occupational disease prevention and electrical/mechanical – mine hoist plants 
  • Health Care Initiatives: Internal responsibility system – workplace violence prevention and health care high hazards
  • Cross-Sector Initiatives: Chemical handling – chemical manufacturing, WHMIS, Ergonomics related to falls (ladders, stairs, access platforms), Musculoskeletal disorder prevention in metal fabrication 

Regional initiatives: 


  • Central East: Industrial and construction workplaces that utilize employment services through temporary help agencies and smaller/independent retailers, Central West: Road construction projects - what to look for in traffic control and traffic protection plans, Temporary labour agencies initiative - worker training and hazard exposure, Retail trade (non-restaurant or grocery stores)
  • Eastern: Chainsaw operation and maintenance, Utility work, Small retail/grocers
  • Northern: Sawmills, planning mills, pulp and paper mills, wood manufacturing; focus: mechanical engineer review of explosive conditions, Hotel/motel accommodations
  • Western: Golf courses, Hotels, 

The Ministry of Labour also has a website with helpful guides and tools to help you comply. You may also wish to read the schedule details on the workplace inspection blitzes and initiatives