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Ontario’s Gas Station Carbon Tax Stickers – What You Need to Know

Ontario’s Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act kicks in on August 30th. The law requires every gas station pump in the province to display the provincial carbon tax sticker outlining the cost of the carbon tax on gasoline.

How many stickers do I need?
Gas station owners are required to display a minimum of one sticker per pump. The stickers must be placed on the front of the pump, on the top two-thirds. Stickers can be in English or French; however there must be an equal total number of English and French signs on display.

Are there any exemptions?
Yes. Gas stations located on First Nations’ reserves or land do not have to post the stickers.

What happens if I don’t post the stickers?
While the legislation allows for fines as high as $5,000 for the first offence, and $10,000 for the second any subsequent offences, the Ontario government has indicated that Technical Standards & Safety Association (TSSA) inspectors will opt instead for for written warnings or charges under the Provincial Offences Act.

Ontario's chief justice has set the fine for not having the stickers at $150.

Where can I get the stickers?
The Ontario government is in the process of mailing out stickers to gas stations across the province. Gasoline retailers can also order the stickers free of charge from Publications Ontario