Changes to Ontario Construction Site Rules

On July 1, 2023, changes came into force to construction site rules affecting personal protective clothing/equipment and toilet facilities/hygiene. 

Changes to clothing/equipment

Any personal protective clothing and equipment that is provided, worn, or used on a construction site must properly fit all body types.

Changes to toilet facilities/hygiene 

Subject to limited exceptions, washroom facilities must be located not more than 90 metres from the project work area “where reasonably possible”, and otherwise not more than 180 metres (as previously required) from the project area. 

Facilities must always be kept in good repair and be equipped with:

  • a toilet with an open-front seat
  • a toilet paper holder and an adequate supply of toilet paper
  • a self-closing door that can be locked from the inside
  • adequate light, heat (if possible), ventilation, and privacy and protection from weather and falling objects

If the facility is a single-toilet facility, it must be completely enclosed. This does not apply to a portable urinal. 

If a project is being carried out in a remote unpopulated area and it’s not possible to provide sewered or non-sewered flush toilet facilities, then other types of toilet facilities must be provided. 

Dedicated facility for female workers

When the minimum number of toilets required at a project is five or more, then at least one facility must be (where reasonable) for the use of female workers only and contain a disposable receptable for sanitary napkins and a sign indicating the facility is for female use only (and male use only, where applicable). 

Handwashing/clean-up facilities

Each single-toilet facility must be provided with its own clean-up facility, or one clean-up facility where two single-toilet facilities are located together in the same project area. Note: As previously required, one clean-up facility must be provided for every two toilets at a multiple-toilet facility. 

A clean-up facility is expected to include a wash basin with running water; however, if this is not reasonably possible, “a means of cleaning hands” AND an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol must both be available.

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