Top 3 resources to help you hire a student

Looking to hire a student? Here are some resources that can help.

Are there any subsidy programs provided by the government to support my business?

The Ontario and Federal governments offer some subsidy programs to support employers wanting to hire youth workers. You may be eligible for:


What is the current minimum age requirement for working in Ontario?

In Ontario, the minimum age for most types of work is 14. Some restrictions apply. For example, employers are restricted in hiring persons under the age of 16 during school hours, unless they’ve been excused from school to attend supervised alternative learning programs, which may include employment (such as co-op programs).

For more information please consult the Ministry of Labour web-page on Minimum Age.

There are also special rules in effect under Occupational Health and Safety for certain sectors. Workers younger than the specified ages listed below will not be able to work in the following industries:

  • Underground Mines: 18 years
  • Construction: 16 years
  • Window Cleaning: 18 years
  • Logging Operations: 16 years
  • Factories or Repair Shops: 15 years
  • Stores, Offices or Arenas: 14 years.