Tips for working smarter – not harder – with Manitoba Finance on tax issues

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have to comply with rules and deadlines for the Retail Sales Tax (PST), the Health or the Post Secondary Education Tax Levy (payroll tax) and many other provincial taxes.

When working with Manitoba Finance to obtain information or to manage compliance and enforcement measures, we know you want a successful experience. To help manage your interactions, you can:

Request a New Vendor Call

New businesses can request a visit from a Taxation Division representative to ensure they are correctly following PST rules. A New Vendor Call will:
• verify that you are properly registered and your account information is correct
• provide information on TAXcess, the online service to file, pay and view your 
Manitoba business tax accounts
• review the application of tax on sales, including documentation required for exempt sales
• review the application of tax on purchases including taxable purchases (for your own 
use) from suppliers located outside Manitoba
• confirm that sales tax is being properly reported on your sales tax returns
• review the Taxation Division’s information services

Request written tax rulings

Manitoba Finance will honour their written information even if it is later found to be inaccurate. Requests can be made by contacting Manitoba Finance or via the online service, TAXcess.

Know who you are talking to

If you request it, Tax Services employees are to provide their full name.

Make sure they live up to service standards

The department’s Vision, Mission, Fairness and Operating Principles outlines your taxpayer rights for courtesy, accuracy, dispute resolution and so on.

CFIB is interested in your experiences with provincially-administered taxes. If you have questions or comments, contact a CFIB Business Advisor at 1-888-234-2232 or