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Is the fight for $15 really fair?

Minimum wage increases, whether slight or steep, impact businesses but is the argument that it reduces poverty true?

Drop in small business confidence

Optimism among Nova Scotia's small business owners has stalled in May; its Barometer Index lost two points reaching 64.4. Short-term employment plans are relatively good, with 18 per cent looking to hire while 5 per cent planning to decrease full-time employment.

CFIB gives Nova Scotia's 2017- 2018 budget a “B”

Key tax breaks for small business and spending in innovation and job training are highlights in Nova Scotia’s latest budget.

Nova Scotia’s commercial property tax burden is significant and unfair

New CFIB research reveals commercial property owners pay as much as four times more than residents on properties of equal value.

Cap-and-trade is coming to Nova Scotia

The Department of Environment is moving full-steam ahead with a cap-and-trade system but at what cost to small business?
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