CRA Report Card reveals that small businesses fear dealing with the taxman


Treated like I've done something wrong.

Those are just some of the ways small business owners describe their experiences with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

A 2011 survey of 10,600 small business owners and tax practitioners (e.g. accountants) shows that, while CRA has taken steps to improve the way it treats small business owners, those efforts are being drowned out by poor customer service, including audits that some CFIB members described as witch hunts.

There is a clear lack of public awareness about measures intended to promote taxpayer fairness. CFIB's recommendations include measures to enhance taxpayer fairness and CRA's overall service to small business taxpayers , such as improving the training of front-line staff and communicating requirements in plain, easy-to-understand language.

CFIB is committed to working with the CRA to help improve its interactions with small business. The payoff for CRA will be greater compliance and more confidence in Canada's tax system, a goal we share.