2013 BC Provincial Election Central

BC Votes 2013: What This Election Means for Small Business

CFIB BC Election Commentary featured on CKNW Radio

We are grateful for CKNW radio in Vancouver for allowing CFIB to get the small business message heard during the BC Election campaign. Listen to our BC Director Mike Klassen’s 1-minute radio commentary.

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BC Election 2013 – CFIB’s View


The BC provincial Election Day is nearing, and an exciting race between the front-running NDP and incumbent BC Liberal party has unfolded.

 We should mention the BC Conservatives and BC Green Party, who while unlikely to form government have garnered attention for their positions on the many issues in this campaign.

We would like to thank the leaders of all four parties for participating in our CFIB election survey.

Our questions were all based upon small business priorities, particularly around public spending, the provincial debt and taxation.

The most important outcome of CFIB’s survey is to make sure small business is discussed during the election.

Additionally, the general public as well as small business owners get to see where each party stands on the issues.

Indeed there is a contrast between the 2 parties who are most likely to govern the province.

The BC NDP in our survey shied away from revealing whether they intend to permit secret ballots for union certification.

The NDP also did not answer the question as to when they will balance BC’s budget. As well, they promise to continue raising the minimum wage annually.

On the question of possible improvements to the PST tax, neither of the major parties plan any changes soon.

The responses to all the questions are available online and we encourage you to review them at www.cfib.ca/bcelection.

Advanced voting runs May 8 through May 11th. Voting Day is May 14th. Be sure your voice is heard.



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