Online courses for CFIB members

Free courses

Vubiz provides online training, in a wide variety of business and professional development subject areas that are of particular interest to SMEs.

A specialized selection of self-directed online training is available 24/7, from any internet connection, to all CFIB members and their employees.

New: CFIB has partnered with VuBiz to create a series of fun and educational financial literacy programs for kids. Log in below and click the “About our Kids Programs” box to take advantage of these free courses today!

Why is e-learning with Vubiz so effective?

Free online courses
Vubiz offers CFIB members and their employees invaluable courses covering the following themes:

  • Starting Up Your Business
  • Managing Your People
  • Health & Safety
  • Managing Customer Relations
  • Growing Your Business
  • Compliance

Preferred CFIB pricing for Certificate Programs
CFIB member preferred pricing of $69 (regular price is $299) for a single seat, for any one of the four certificate programs:

  • Small Business Health and Safety Certificate
  • Small Business Human Resources Certificate
  • Small Business Management Certificate
  • Small Business Marketing and Sales Certificate

Offer extra employment benefits to your employees

  • Create unique Learner profile for each of your employees
  • Share the free online courses with your employees at no charge
  • Allow your employees to achieve certificates of completion in their own name

Hear what our members have to say!

" As a private school operating in Ontario, Pathways Educational Services Inc. has been providing Vubiz’s exceptionally progressive occupational health and safety awareness training online to all of their students and faculty since 2014. This fantastic online training allows the management team to maintain an online record and printed proof of the training completed by the faculty and students. This contemporary and user-friendly online training program does a brilliant job in explaining the duties and rights of workers and supervisors under OHSA and common workplace hazards and occupational illnesses. At Pathways, we cannot say enough about Vubiz and the great service that it has provided to us. " 

Adam Wilkins
Business Development and Compliance Manager
Pathways Educational Services
Kitchener, ON