Increasing the cost of doing business will have a huge negative impact on my biz!

Premier Notley:

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economies and the heart and soul of our communities. Strong leadership on small business issues is crucial to building an economy that serves the interests of all Albertans.

To continue to make positive decisions that benefit entrepreneurs, small business owners urge the government to NOT move ahead with:

  • A punitive carbon tax
  • New municipal revenue "tools" (i.e. municipal sales tax, land transfer tax, fuel tax etc.)
  • Provincial sales tax (PST)
  • Mandatory CPP expansion
  • Changes to Employment Standards (i.e. hours of work, banked overtime, statutory holidays, job protected leaves etc.)

The rapid deployment of many ambitious government policies has further undermined business confidence and competitiveness. Entrepreneurs expect the current economic realities to be reflected in government policy.