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Investment options and Investment Management Fees (IMFs)

Notes: Sales taxes are applied to Investment Management Fees (IMFs). IMFs and taxes are deducted from the participants’ accounts monthly.
* This fund is the Default Option, where investments are made in the absence of any instructions by the participants.
** For federally regulated workplaces, Morneau Shepell intends to launch a PRPP by the end of 2017.
I Only available where PRPPs or VRSPs are not yet offered by Morneau Shepell.
? Can include RRSP assets that were transferred from a VRSP. Minimum amount of $1,000 required for the transfer to take place. Those assets, if any, that were originally employer contributions and locked-in within the VRSP remain similarly locked-in after being transferred to the RRSP.

Default Option: Target Date Fund
For less experienced investors and those who have neither the time nor inclination to actively monitor their investments, target date funds are a great option.

Target date funds are rebalanced on an on-going basis (typically quarterly) with the investment mix becoming slowly more conservative over time. 

As the planned retirement date draws closer, equity exposure is reduced and the amount invested in more conservative instruments, such as fixed income securities, increases.

With target date funds, participants simply select the fund whose year most closely matches their planned year of retirement.  It’s that easy!  So, even novice investors need not shy away from participating due to a lack of investment knowledge or tough decisions.

Find out more about the target date funds and the other investment options.

Given their simplicity and effectiveness, target date funds are the default option for participants who fail, or choose not to actively select an investment fund(s).  In this case, the participant is assumed to retire at age 65 and the plan assigns the fund that corresponds most closely to their year of retirement.


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