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Members can get advice, counseling and support in dealing with governments and small business issues from CFIB's Business Counsellors, at no charge.

Alberta's minimum wage new rate as of October 1, 2016

Alberta's general minimum wage increases by a dollar ($1.00) per hour to $12.20 and the current liquor server rate will be removed, effective October 1, 2016. Weekly and monthly minimum wages used by certain professions will rise to $486 and $2,316, respectively, at the same time.

Was your business affected by fire? CFIB Business support is available to assist you

As the fires are extinguished in northern Alberta, the hard work is just beginning for you and other small business owners.

Provincial inspectors on tour to improve workplace safety

OHS officers will inspect approximately 200 convenience stores and gas station operations across the province over the next three months. OHS Officers are talking to employers and workers about OHS and Employment Standards legislation related to issues such as working alone, workplace violence, paycheque deductions and employing young workers.

Electronic cash register fraud – are you at risk?

Have you been sold a POS machine or offered special software add-ons? You may have something in your system that leaves you exposed to fraud.

Mandate – CFIB's member publication

Mandate is CFIB's member publication where small business newsletters, surveys and results are available.
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