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Members can get advice, counseling and support in dealing with governments and small business issues from CFIB's Business Counsellors, at no charge.

Electronic cash register fraud – are you at risk?

Have you been sold a POS machine or offered special software add-ons? You may have something in your system that leaves you exposed to fraud.

How to decide on a salary or wage rate for an employee

How do you decide what salary or wage you are going to pay a new employee? Should they earn more or less than someone already in the job, or the person who left the job most recently?

Low Value Shipment (LVS) threshold increase – good news for SME importers!

Good news for small businesses that use the low value shipment (LVS) program for North American imports. The Ministers of International Trade and Public Safety along with the United States Department of Homeland Security announced that Canada and the U.S. have increased and harmonized the value thresholds for the LVS to $2,500. This is an increase from the current levels of $1,600 for Canada and $2,000 for the U.S.

Why do job descriptions matter?

Writing an employee job description is a vital step every employer should take for all positions. A good job description will allow business owners to create better job postings, set employment expectations and aid in performance management.

Managing employees who are often sick or late for work

Many business owners find it difficult to manage the minority of employees whose attendance and timekeeping does not meet their standards. Our resources and templates can help you improve staff attendance and timekeeping.
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