Keeping our Focus on Red Tape: CFIB’s Recommendation to the Core Review Panel

The Provincial government is in the process of conducting a core review, it is the second core review since the BC Liberals took power. Core Review examines all government ministries, departments, crown corporations and other government bodies to identify waste, duplication and unnecessary functions, and to reduce or eliminate as much inefficiency as possible.

Multi-Material BC – New Changes Help Small Business: Still More to Do

As of May 19, 2014, new environmental regulations for Printed Paper & Packaging (PPP) waste are in effect as part of the BC government’s commitment to “extended producer responsibility” (EPR). The regulations require all non-exempt BC businesses that put packaging or printed paper into BC’s residential waste stream to pay a fee administered by Multi Material BC (MMBC). As a private company governed by representatives of big business, MMBC is not accountable to the general public.

BC small business must brace for possible payroll tax increase

Despite the inability to form a consensus among the other finance ministers, the Province of Ontario set forth on creating its own provincial retirement pension plan. The bad news for British Columbians is their government is now seated at the table on an advisory body exploring the provincial pension plan idea.

CFIB Opposes Call to Hike BC’s Minimum Wage

Since Christy Clark was sworn in as Premier in 2012, BC’s minimum wage has been increased three times to its current level of $10.25/ hour, making it the second-highest in Canada. During the same period of time, job creation statistics have remained flat, with BC’s numbers occasionally lagging behind other provinces. However, that hasn’t stopped the leader of the one of BC’s biggest union organizations from renewing calls to once again increase the minimum wage.

BC Local Government Election 2014 – Non-residential property owner

BC local government elections will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014. Did you know you may have the right to vote in the upcoming BC local government elections if you own property in a municipality other than that in which you reside? Find out more.
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