Keeping our Focus on Red Tape: CFIB’s Recommendation to the Core Review Panel

The Provincial government is in the process of conducting a core review, it is the second core review since the BC Liberals took power. Core Review examines all government ministries, departments, crown corporations and other government bodies to identify waste, duplication and unnecessary functions, and to reduce or eliminate as much inefficiency as possible.

Nominations open for 2015 Golden Scissors Award

Nominations are now open for the fourth annual Golden Scissors Award to recognize those politicians, public servants, or other Canadians who have demonstrated leadership in cutting red tape for small business in a meaningful way.

Nominations open for 2015 Paperweight Award

Nominations are now open for the second annual Paperweight Award. This award recognizes government departments, agencies, programs, or individuals who have made life increasingly difficult for small businesses by adding significant red tape.

Anti-spam law confusing for small business

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), comes into force July 1st 2014, but a CFIB survey found that only 15% of small business owners are fully aware of CASL’s requirements, and 62% have taken no steps to comply.

BC small business must brace for possible payroll tax increase

Despite the inability to form a consensus among the other finance ministers, the Province of Ontario set forth on creating its own provincial retirement pension plan. The bad news for British Columbians is their government is now seated at the table on an advisory body exploring the provincial pension plan idea.
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