Entrepreneurs in B.C. most positive in the country

The results of the latest monthly Business Barometer survey from the CFIB show BC's small businesses once again lead the country in optimism, with its index climbing back above 70 in March.

BC Small Business Say No to TransLink Tax

The Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Council, representing 23 local elected governments has developed an action plan for Metro Vancouver’s transportation system. The plan calls for a $7.5 billion investment in new transportation projects.

Balanced Budget is Good News for Small Business

The BC government earned a B+ grade from small business for their 2015/16 provincial budget, primarily for balancing the books for the third year in a row. B.C. will likely be the only province to accomplish that feat in 2015.

BC’s minimum wage to increase to $10.45 as of September 15, 2015

Effective Sept. 15, 2015, the general minimum hourly wage will increase from $10.25 to $10.45 and the liquor server wage from $9.00 to $9.20 per hour. Starting in 2016, the BC government is indexing increases in the general minimum hourly wage and liquor server wage to B.C.’s Consumer Price Index (CPI).

BC Government continues to lead the country on red tape reduction

British Columbia government is continuing to make it easier for small businesses to do business by extending its commitment to a net zero increase of regulatory requirements to 2019. What does this means for small business - A net zero increase means eliminating one existing requirement when a new requirement is needed up to 2019.
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