British Columbia Votes 2017 - Party Leaders' Survey

Welcome to CFIB’s web portal for the 2017 provincial election campaign. At CFIB, we are strictly non-partisan. We will support policies that are good for your business and oppose policies that are not.

Forty Per Cent Of BC Small Business Owners Are Undecided Voters In Upcoming Election

CFIB releases Party Leaders’ survey asking them to support your business

CFIB meets WorkSafeBC executives, once again asking for a refund of your money

Earlier this month, the BC team met with senior executives at WorkSafeBC to once again highlight its over-funded position and to talk about their efforts towards improving customer service for small businesses.

Highlights of Red Tape Awareness Week 2017

During the eighth annual Red Tape Awareness Week, from January 23-27, we challenged governments to focus their efforts on the tangled mess of unnecessary regulations holding back your small business.

2017 Government Resolution Wish List (as penned by small business owners)

Small business owners are hoping governments in BC are making some small business friendly New Year’s resolutions for 2017! It’s important for governments to set benchmarks and goals for making the small business climate in BC a strong one. Here are some resolutions we’d like to see:
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