2017 Government Resolution Wish List (as penned by small business owners)

Small business owners are hoping governments in BC are making some small business friendly New Year’s resolutions for 2017! It’s important for governments to set benchmarks and goals for making the small business climate in BC a strong one. Here are some resolutions we’d like to see:

Highlights of Red Tape Awareness Week 2017

During the eighth annual Red Tape Awareness Week, from January 23-27, we challenged governments to focus their efforts on the tangled mess of unnecessary regulations holding back your small business.

Golden Scissors Award 2017 – Who’s cutting you free?

Every year we show our appreciation to the government officials who recognise the importance of reducing unnecessary regulations on our members with the presentation of the Golden Scissors Award! Come find out who our panel of experts judged to be doing the most to cut small business free.

Big BC Municipalities Still Have Big Tax Imbalance

The 2016 edition of the BC Property Tax Gap Report focuses on the 20 largest municipalities in BC and examines recent trends in the disparity between commercial and residential property tax rates, also known as the “tax gap”.

BC School Property Tax: Province Failing Small Businesses

A new CFIB report provides a review of the school tax system in 161 municipalities across BC, with a particular focus on the 20 largest cities. It shows the provincially set tax rate (see FAQ for details) has an unequal distribution between what residents and businesses pay in school property taxes, also known as the “school tax gap”.
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