Families charged over $2,500 more than needed by Manitoba's largest municipalities

According to the Manitoba Municipal Spending Watch report’s second edition, Manitoba’s 26 largest municipalities continue to spend far more than needed on day-to-day operating spending.

Stark contrast in Ag vision across the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border

Farmers in Saskatchewan are far more confident than Manitoba farmers that their Ministry of Agriculture has a vision for the sector.

What Manitoba’s Decreasing Tax and Utility Competitiveness Means for your Family

According to the 2015 provincial budget, families now pay up to $3,285 more in provincial taxes and crown corporation utility fees in Manitoba compared to Saskatchewan.

Minimum wage hike hurts small business and youth

The provincial government is increasing Manitoba's minimum wage by 30 cents to $11.00 per hour on October 1, 2015. Manitoba’s minimum wage is increasing far faster than economic conditions warrant. In the last ten years the minimum wage increased by 45% while inflation increased by only 17%. Manitoba continues to have the second highest provincial minimum wage in Canada.

CPP hike disaster can be avoided

Manitobans have heard a lot from political parties in recent weeks about their vision for the future of the province. All parties have set ambitious goals of one kind or another, but no party has staked a clear position on the most important federal-provincial issue affecting small business owners and working Manitobans: a devastating increase to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payroll tax premiums.
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