Nova Scotia business optimism cooled in July

Nova Scotia’s Business Barometer Index dropped another three points in July to 58.5, which is close to levels seen in mid-2014.

Easing the impact of construction on your small business in Halifax

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has new construction guidelines that should make life easier for your business. Read more about how the guidelines stand to correct long-standing concerns.

Groundbreaking red tape assessment tool launches in Nova Scotia

Red tape reform could be a reality in Nova Scotia if the Office of Regulatory Affairs’ new assessment tool lives up to its potential.

Tips to help you stop scammers

Arm your business in the fight against fraud. Avoid common scams with our practical tips, webinars, and videos.

Is the fight for $15/hour minimum wage really fair?

The NDP, with the support of organized labour, is demanding Nova Scotia implement a $15 minimum wage over the next three years.
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