A “New East Partnership”: Breaking down interprovincial trade barriers in Atlantic Canada

International free trade agreements have been making headlines, but for small businesses, the most pervasive trade barriers are the ones between provinces. CFIB’s latest report, A “New East Partnership”: Breaking down interprovincial trade barriers in Atlantic Canada, details many of the issues commonly encountered when trying to do business in other provinces.

Small business tax hike stands out like a sore thumb

CFIB is deeply concerned with the recommendations contained in the Nova Scotia Tax and Regulation Review specifically the recommendation to hike the small business tax rate from 3% to 8%.

Atlantic business attitudes mixed over oil price drop

Small business confidence took a big hit across the country in December while optimism in Nova Scotia continued to slide slightly. While entrepreneurs in oil producing regions clearly worried about the plummeting price of oil, attitudes in other regions of the country seem mixed.

CFIB urges Nova Scotia Environment to hit pause on costly proposal

CFIB is urging Nova Scotia’s Department of Environment to hit pause on a proposal that would mean steep fee hikes and massive red tape for small business.

CFIB scores big win for small business at UARB

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) today approved a price choice for electricity that will reduce energy costs for several hundred small businesses in Nova Scotia. The decision means over 2,200 NSPI small business customers will now have the option to switch rate classes to determine which is most cost effective for their business.
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