Minimum wage jumps in PEI

While minimum wage earners are welcoming the announcement of a hike to their wage rate to $10.20 on June 1st and $10.35 on October 1st, government’s inaction on bracket creep will mean that the biggest winner will be government itself.

PEI looking to join a new “made-in-Ontario” pension plan

After breathing a sigh of relief with the end of talks to expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), small business owners in Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba are facing the even worse idea of a provincial pension plan.

Enough nickel and diming Islanders

Over the past decade, Island taxpayers have been asked for more and more while government has done little to curb its spending. Fee increases, tax hikes, and bracket creep have all meant strong growth in government revenues (more than double the rate of inflation and population growth) however, we have still yet to balance our budget or deal with our mounting debt.

PEI small business confidence dips in March

After posting gains through the final few months of 2013 and into the first two months of 2014, Prince Edward Island’s Barometer Index is giving back some ground in March, dropping to 57.6. Hiring plans improved, though they remain weak, with only 22 per cent planning to hire full-time staff in the next few months and an equal proportion expecting to cut back.

PEI’s hidden tax grab

Thanks to bracket creep, the PEI government conveniently collects millions more in personal income taxes that it should every year.
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