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Why Canada needs to continue to fight the tides of protectionism in the U.S. and the world

November 3, 2016
Canadians and the world at large need to be aware of how America’s vote will affect us all. The largest threat appears to be regarding trade, as both candidates seem lukewarm at best to international trade agreements. All this protectionist fervor spreading throughout the western world is bad news for Canada. Trade is not just a big business issue affecting only transnational corporations, it is an imperative for many smaller businesses in this country.

Joint effort: How entrepreneurs can help the government regulate marijuana

September 29, 2016
Although CFIB has limited experience with cannabis regulation,we do have a wealth of experience on regulation in general – including how to get it right and what not to do.

When it comes to the enhanced CPP, B.C. is the only province stepping up for small business owners’ concerns

September 6, 2016
While it hasn’t received a medal for its efforts, the B.C. provincial government is doing the country proud by following through on an important step skipped by the federal and most provincial governments. B.C. is the only province (outside of plans in Quebec) to open a channel for public feedback on the proposal to hike contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

After 45 years advocating for small businesses, the challenges and victories look much the same to CFIB

July 28, 2016
Since the Canadian Federation of Independent Business was founded in 1971 by John Bulloch, little has changed in the way of victories, and challenges.

Immigrants Are the Solution to Canada's Labour Shortage

July 7, 2016
With Canada's economy still stuck in what is best described as neutral, you would think Canadian workers would be clamoring to scoop up what are reported to be scarce jobs across the country.

If finance ministers are set on raising CPP premiums, they need to take measures to help small businesses survive

July 4, 2016
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is asking the premiers to delay signing a final deal on the CPP. Four weeks is not enough time for governments, economists, business owners and Canadian workers to assess and understand the impact this hike will have on the economy, and it remains to be seen if any government made an effort to assess the impact before signing the deal.

The Straight Truth: A Pension Plan Hike Is A Terrible Idea

June 16, 2016
When the country's finance ministers meet in Vancouver on June 20 to discuss expanding the Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP), there will be a lot on the line for Canadian workers and business owners. But it's not too late to put the brakes on a proposal that will destroy jobs, hold back wages and even push some businesses over the edge in years to come.

What’s next for businesses of Fort McMurray?

June 3, 2016
As Fort McMurray families return to their homes and survey the damage caused by wildfires, the only thing that is certain for the city may be some additional uncertainty.Many of the people, displaced in surrounding communities, anxiously await news of the fate of their neighbourhoods. And, just as importantly, what’s next?

Myths and realities about a $15 minimum wage

April 25, 2016
Over the past few months there has been a conversation to have Quebec’s minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. To fully grasp the effect of doing so, it is important to properly contextualize what that would mean within Quebec’s economic reality.

Reneging on promised tax rate cuts was a blow for small business, but we’ll come out swinging in their defence

March 31, 2016
March was a tough month for small business - business confidence is at its lowest, nationally, since 2009 and the Liberal government abandoned its promise to reduce the small business tax rate to 9% by 2019.

It's Time To Put Government Pension Bridge Benefits In The Past

March 8, 2016
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has just published a research snapshot breaking down some of the numbers of the bridge benefit across public pension plans in Canada. The federal government and most provincial public sector pension plans -- except Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba -- offer the bridge benefit.

How Ottawa can shed a few pounds and avoid becoming badly out of shape from mounting deficits

March 7, 2016
Sometimes bad choices seem almost impossible to avoid. But they always catch up with you. This lesson is just as applicable to budget-making. What starts out as a commitment to three deficits no greater than $10 billion can quickly become $18 billion.

Farmers continue to bear the brunt of red tape; Alberta’s Bill 6 makes matters worse

February 22, 2016
Alberta farmers worry that this “one-size-fits-all” legislation will hurt the province’s already fragile economy and there has been little opportunity for input. Farmers care about their employees - most of them are family and friends.

Small business owners hope Syrian refugees can fill some long vacant positions

February 1, 2016
In recent years, the opportunities for prosperity have become more exclusive, geared toward those with deep pockets or highly specialized degrees, contributing to a serious worker shortage in parts of Canada’s labour force. It’s this inability to find workers that forced many small business owners to turn to the TFWP. Many small business owners across Canada are keen to consider the wave of refugees for vacant positions.
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