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Battle of the Banks: How small businesses rate their banks

October 20, 2016
Credit unions are number one when it comes to serving the financial needs of small businesses. Where does your bank rank? Find out in CFIB’s latest report!

SME Financing Indicators

October 4, 2016
Being able to obtain adequate financing is essential to SMEs’ success. Ensuring that SMEs have access to the financing they need can help with the creation of jobs and in keeping the Canadian economy stable.

SME Bank Market Share

August 23, 2016
CFIB has been tracking small- and mid-sized entrerprises (SME) bank market share over the last few decades. While there are differing definitions of market share, CFIB offers a unique perspective on the relative dominance of the financial institutions in the SME segment, namely by the number of businesses.

Battle of the Banks: How small businesses rate their banks

May 22, 2013
Credit unions continue to outperform banks when it comes to serving the financial needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, but what do Canada’s entrepreneurs think about the banks? Find out which banks are small business-friendly, and which banks are... not-so friendly.

Changing the way we pay: getting the transition right for SMEs

October 20, 2011
Changes to the way that Canadians make and accept payments for goods and services holds many positive and worrisome implications for the country’s small- and medium-sized businesses. Top among the concerns to entrepreneurs is the future of cheque writing in Canada as there is a very real possibility that a federal review may recommend the phasing out of paper cheques in the near future.

Banking on Better Service

April 13, 2010
How good or bad a job are the banks doing in serving the financing and banking needs of their small and mid-sized business clients? The answer is in this report. Based on survey results from 12,124 business owners, this report provides a unique information base for business owners, bankers and public policymakers on banks’ individual performances in the SME market.
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