Please note: The Cybersecurity Academy will be closing on December 31st, 2023.
Thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for updates on new cybersecurity resources coming in 2024!

Thank you to everyone who participated in CFIB’s Cybersecurity Academy. The Academy is now closed. Stay tuned for updates on new cybersecurity resources coming in 2024! 

In the meantime, you can access CFIB’s suite of cybersecurity tools and templates, designed specifically for you and your employees to help protect your business against cyberattacks. 

Cybersecurity Resources

Start your cybersecurity journey today. Download these complimentary resources: 

Discover the rest of the collection:

  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Template
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Preparation List
  • Cybersecurity Inventory Tracker
  • Cybersecurity Service Provider Prep Template
  • Phishing: Don’t Get Caught Poster
  • Social Media Policy Template
  • Cybersecurity Access Control Policy Template
  • Technology Usage Policy Template 

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The CFIB Cybersecurity Academy is designed specifically for small business owners and their employees. Learn how to protect your business from cyber criminals and how to respond when attacked. Plus, get critical cybersecurity business templates and tools to start using right away.

List of courses
  • Course 1 – Cyber basics
    • Lesson 1: Cyberattacks can happen to your small business
    • Lesson 2: Empower yourself against cyber crime
    • Lesson 3: Critical 4: Password protection
    • Lesson 4: Critical 4: Phishing
    • Lesson 5: Critical 4: Patching
    • Lesson 6: Critical 4: USBsecurity
  • Course 2 – Social engineering – how to spot it
    • Lesson 1: What is social engineering
    • Lesson 2: Email phishing
    • Lesson 3: Vishing (aka phone phishing)
    • Lesson 4: Other types of phishing
    • Lesson 5: Recommendations & prevention
  • Course 3 – Protecting your business from cyber crime
    • Lesson 1: Protect your business: Ransomware
    • Lesson 2: Protect your business: Patching
    • Lesson 3: Protect your business: Passwords
    • Lesson 4: Protect your business: Data backups
    • Lesson 5: Protect your business: The Cloud
    • Lesson 6: Protect your business: Outside support
  • Course 4 – What to do when you are hacked
    • Lesson 1: Prepare for a cybersecurity incident
    • Lesson 2: Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan: Gather your data
    • Lesson 3: Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan: Respond during an incident
    • Lesson 4: Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan: Recover after an incident
    • Lesson 5: Cyber insurance: Find the right fit for you
  • Course 5 – Recognizing fraud
    • Lesson 1 – Fraud basics
    • Lesson 2 – Credit card fraud
    • Lesson 3 – False billing scams
    • Lesson 4 – Financial fraud
    • Lesson 5 – A final word on fraud
  • Course 6 – Chargeback & Disputes, Merchant Rights (Code of Conduct)
    • Lesson 1 – Payment processing: the basics
    • Lesson 2 – Choosing your acquirer
    • Lesson 3 – The Code of Conduct for Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada
    • Lesson 4- Credit card chargebacks
    • Lesson 5 – Credit card surcharging
  • Course 7 – Enhancing Data Security
    • Lesson 1: Physical security
    • Lesson 2: Privileged user threats
    • Lesson 3: Privacy in your business
    • Lesson 4: The “Clean Workplace” Policy
    • Lesson 5: Off-site and remote work
  • Course 8 – Trends and Threats in Cybersecurity
    • Lesson 1: Securing data on the move
    • Lesson 2: Video conferencing
    • Lesson 3: Artificial intelligence
    • Lesson 4: Cyberattacks: Trending threats
    • Lesson 5: Cybersecurity Academy Review
List of templates

In these lessons you will also get valuable downloadable templates and tools to enhance cybersecurity in your business, including:

  • Cybersecurity Emergency Contact List Template
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (CIRP)
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Preparation List
  • Cybersecurity Inventory Tracker
  • Cybersecurity Service Provider Prep Template
  • Phishing: Don't Get Caught Poster
  • Social Media Policy Template
  • Access Control Policy Template
  • Clean Workplace Policy Template
  • Secure your Workspace! Poster
  • Technology Usage Policy Template

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Most (95%) cyberattacks are successful because of human error. Employee training is critical - get your employees involved in this training today. Our free Employee Email Template will help you get started.


Cybercrime A threat to your business and the important role of small businesses

Cybercrime: A threat to your business and the important role of small businesses

Cybersecurity: How to protect your business

Cybersecurity: How to protect your business

Cybersecurity questions?

Do you have specific questions about cybersecurity? Want to speak to someone over the phone or ask us a question by email? We’ve built cybersecurity advice into our business helpline to get you heading in the right direction. 


Thank you

CFIB would like to thank Mastercard and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) for their support in amplifying the cybersecurity resources CFIB has to offer small businesses.

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