Nova Scotia 2021 Election: Party leaders respond to small business issues

Halifax, August 04, 2021 – With the Nova Scotia election less than two weeks away, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is releasing the results of its 2021 Leaders’ Survey on Small Business Issues. Party leaders responded to ten questions on key issues including pandemic supports, Workers’ compensation costs, payroll costs and red tape reduction. 

“It’s important for Party Leaders to directly address the issues faced by small- and medium-sized business owners during an election,” said Louis-Philippe Gauthier, CFIB’s Senior Director, Legislative Affairs, Atlantic. “These survey responses will help them make an informed decision on Election Day about which party’s vision best allows them to grow their business as the pandemic continues to unfold.”

As a non-partisan organization CFIB is releasing the leaders’ full, unedited responses to help small business owners make an informed decision on August 17th. The leaders of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party, Nova Scotia Liberal Party and Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia all provided survey responses.

Responses to 2021 Leaders’ Survey on Small Business Issues

“We are encouraging all small business owners to ask their candidates how their party plans to create positive conditions for their businesses and the Nova Scotia economy,” concluded Louis-Philippe Gauthier.

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