Crime & safety in Western Canada: The small business perspective

Over the past number of years, Canadian small businesses have consistently highlighted crime and community safety as significant issues affecting their operations. Small businesses have demonstrated understanding, compassion, and patience regarding these complex issues and recognize that there are no simple solutions. However, the challenges small businesses face are mounting, not to mention the associated risks for employees and customers. These challenges impede small businesses' ability to operate safely, and therefore require attention from all levels of government to find and implement effective solutions.

This report discusses the impact crime and community safety issues have on small businesses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (referred to as Western Canada throughout the report). The report addresses the state of crime in Canada, small businesses perspectives on crime, how these issues impact them, and how they are working to manage these challenges. Through this, the report seeks to work in collaboration with government and other stakeholders to build safer communities.

Topics in this Article: