Are you ready for Employment Standards proactive inspections?

You likely won’t get a call before they arrive, but Employment Standards will begin a series of proactive inspections to help employers meet the requirements of the law and avoid potential complaints. They are authorized to visit without prior notice and will inquire about the employer’s practices. If they ask to see your records, you must accommodate the request. Inspections of an employer’s employment practices by an officer can be proactive or as a result of a complaint or anonymous tip. If violations are found, the results range from education and advice, to formal directions and warnings.

Prepare for an inspection

The employer will be notified when an inspection is launched, and the notice is to be posted in a place visible to employees.

An officer may:

  • enter a place of business
  • examine employee records
  • provide written notice requesting an employer or any other person to provide records, reports or information relevant to the inspection
  • conduct an audit of compliance:
    • take records and reports with them for copying and review, which will be returned
  • request an employer to complete an officer-directed audit
  • question an employer or employee
  • ask any person to make an oral or written statement

While inspections have generally been done to date in response to complaints, Employment Standards has recently hired seven new officers who are dedicated to perform proactive inspections across the province.

If an employer is found to be non-compliant, an officer may issue an order or direction to bring the employer in compliance with the Code.

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