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Create attention-grabbing job advertisements

Writing attention grabbing job ads and posting them in all the right places can mean the difference between attracting few applicants, and having a selection of candidates from which to choose.

In today’s tight labour market, it is more important than ever to create job ads that attract attention, and to post your ad where it will be noticed by the right people.

Step 1: Writing great job ads

Why would someone want to work for your business?

Think about your vacant position as a product you are selling. What is special about your business, industry, location or any other segment in which you compete? What is your competitive edge?

  • Great group of employees
  • Near transit, free parking or where people live
  • Wonderful community, housing options, family friendly and/or single friendly environment
  • Training and learning from other employees on your team or the courses you send them to
  • Great hours of work or days off schedule
  • Family friendly flexibility
  • New products, processes
  • Steady work through business cycle ups and downs
  • Great wages and/or benefits
  • Excellent safety record, perhaps in an industry not usually noted for it

Step 2: Where to post your job advertisements

There are many options to consider, depending on your budget of both money and time, including the Internet, print, social media, your community centre or college or university job board, etc.

Here are some opportunities for posting job ads: 

  • Government job boards
  • Local or city newspapers or their recruitment websites
  • Kijiji or other classified websites
  • Professional organizations
  • Commercial recruitment websites
  • College/University hiring websites
  • High school message boards
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Community Association newsletters
  • Employee, supplier and vendor referrals
  • Your own website

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