How to deal with drugs & alcohol in the workplace

A solid drug-and-alcohol policy is one of the best tools for employers to cope with drugs and alcohol in the work place. Implementing a policy clears up any uncertainty about your business’ standards of performance, attendance and security.

We partnered with Fasken, a leading Canadian law firm, to create a free policy template that you can adapt with help from your lawyer. Starting with this template can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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Impairment in the workplace

If an employee is impaired at work, you have the right and the responsibility to manage the employee’s behavior. Remember that alcohol and drug addiction should be treated as a disability. In other words, you have the right to engage in discipline for misconduct and inappropriate behaviour, but if you have information or evidence to suggest an addiction, assistance should be offered in the form of medical treatment, encouraging participation in a recovery program and giving the employee time off to recover.

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The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission’s Drug and Alcohol Testing - A General Guide contains information about drug and alcohol testing as it relates to human rights law in Saskatchewan. Employers should consult a lawyer to determine if their drug testing plans are discriminatory.

Cannabis legalization: what you need to know

With the recent legalization of cannabis, it is important to be familiar with the rules and regulations for cannabis use. Check out the Government of Saskatchewan’s Cannabis Framework and Health Canada’s Cannabis in Canada to learn more about cannabis laws and cannabis impairment.

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