Earn a WorkSafeBC Certification of Recognition (COR) for your business

In order for your business to achieve and benefit from a WorkSafeBC Certificate of Recognition (COR) you will have to put in place a safety management system that meets a specified set of audit standards.

Currently, only one COR program is accepting new participants, the Health and Safety COR. In order to be awarded this COR, employers must execute and manage an occupational health and safety system exceeding the current regulatory standards.

If you are interested in seeing if your business can qualify to be awarded a COR, you will need to participate in the Partner Program. A Certifying Partner organization, recognized by WorkSafeBC, will assist you in your goal of achieving a COR. You must first register with the certifying partner offering services to your specific industry. You will be able to determine which partner you will need to register with by your classification unit and six-digit classification unit number.

Certifying partners include:

  • BC Construction Safety Alliance
  • BC Forest Safety Council
  • BC Maritime Employers Association
  • British Columbia Municipal Safety Association
  • Enform
  • Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Assertion
  • FIOSA-MIOSA Safety Alliance of B.C.
  • go2 – The resource for people in Tourism
  • SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of B.C.

Below is a link to all current Certifying Partners in BC and their websites:

To find your Classification Unit or to learn more, visit Classification.

Search for a CU by certifying partner 
Select a certifying partner to see a list of CUs (or industries) that the partner services.

Search for certifying partner by CU
Select a CU to see which certifying partner services that industry.

If the classification unit of the employer is not listed, please contact the Partners Program by e-mail or call 604 244-6164, toll-free 1 866 644-6164.