Understanding Prince Edward Island’s Health and Safety Requirements

As an employer, you play an important role in preventing workplace injuries and promoting a safe and healthy workplace. In fact, under the Prince Edward Island (PEI) Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS), you have a legal obligation to properly inform, instruct and supervise your employees and to do everything you reasonably can to protect them.

PEI Occupational Health and Safety requirements differ depending on the number of employees employed by a business or level of risk of your business. This includes multiple locations.

Every employer needs to post the following to be compliant:

  • Copy of the PEI OHS act
  • Copy of the general OHS regulations (all workplaces except farms)
  • The current telephone number for reporting OHS safety concerns to WCB
  • Any compliance orders from a Health and Safety Officer
  • Names and contact information of first aid providers
  • Signs indicating where first aid kits are located
  • Smoke free places act documentation including signs where smoking is and is not permitted

In addition to the above list, you have further requirements based on number of employees you have.

I have 1 or more employees, but fewer than 5:

  • Have a posted written Health and Safety Policy (Recommended).
  • A trained First-aid provider on shift at all times.
  • First-aid kit 1 or 2.

I have between 5 and 19 employees:

  • Have a posted written Health and Safety Policy.
  • You must assign a Health and Safety representative and ensure their name and contact information is posted.
  • A trained first aid provider on shirt at all times. 
  • First-aid kit 2.

I have more than 20 employees:

  • Have a posted written Health and Safety policy.
  • A trained First-aid provider on shift at all times.
  • Assign a Health and Safety Committee and ensure contact information for all committee members is posted. 
  • Create a Health and Safety Program with the Health and Safety Committee.
  • Post all safety committee meeting minutes.
  • First-aid kit 3.

There may be additional requirements based on your industry and type of work. 

CFIB is here to help you!

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