Emergency preparedness: the five things you need to do

We all know that emergencies can happen – fires, floods, earthquakes – but how many of us are truly prepared to deal with the immediate and long-term effects of these events?

Emergency preparedness requires you to be proactive. Planning for different scenarios and making decisions now will put you a step ahead should disaster occur. 

What are the five things you need to do?

1. Assign Responsibility for Managing a Crisis

  • You as the owner will likely be in charge if your business is small. If your business is large enough, nominate someone well-suited to crisis management who can be your advisor and lead a crisis-management team.
  • When possible it is preferable to separate the management of a crisis from executive decision-making. An owner or senior manager may have their hands full making important business decisions quite apart from counting staff, liaising with fire marshals or leading an evacuation.