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Collecting bad debts in Ontario

Are you having trouble getting paid for your goods or services? Do you need some new ideas to collect outstanding account receivables? Resources and services are available to help you with this important task.

Where do I begin?.
Canada Business has helpful information on how to get paid by your customers

Should I hire a Collection Agency? Where do I find one?
If you do not wish to launch a legal proceeding through the Small Claims Court, you could recover your money by hiring a collection agency. Agents’ fees for service are often a percentage of the outstanding debt they collect. You should be able to find a list of collection agencies at the Yellow Pages website.

Is Small Claims Court an option for me?
You can consider filing a claim in Ontario Small Claims Court if the money owed is less than $ 25,000.

How can I find a lawyer?
Call the Lawyer Referral Service to seek general legal information.