Create your own Employee Handbook with our simple template

An employee handbook is an essential tool for successfully integrating new employees into your team. That said, it can also become a real headache if you don’t have access to the services of a human resources expert to help you create your manual. The good news is that, as a member of CFIB, you can now take advantage of a highly comprehensive, easy-to-use Employee Handbook template. This is a document that can serve as an excellent starting point for creating a manual tailored to the needs of your company!

Please note that because of different legislation, there are separate handbooks for Quebec and for the rest of Canada. 

Why should you use an employee handbook?

An employee handbook can prove useful to all your staff, old and new alike, at many levels within your SME. It can:

  • provide an introduction to your company and its internal structure.
  • give employees a better understanding of what their supervisors expect of them.
  • ensure that operating rules, procedures and working conditions are enforced fairly and rigorously.
  • be a good tool for you to show how important your employees are to you.
  • serve as an information communication vehicle to facilitate employee integration and commitment, and foster a feeling of belonging.

How to use this handbook

You first need to adapt the handbook to the requirements of your company before giving it to your employees. We have incorporated grey areas (to be completed) and blue areas (tips/hints) to make it as simple as possible. You can also add any missing elements that might be relevant for your company.

The content of the handbook is broadly inspired by the Labour Standards Act. It is important to update your manual periodically since legislation, regulations and your internal policies are subject to change.

As a member of CFIB, you enjoy free privileged access to our human resources consulting services. Don’t hesitate to call us. It will be our pleasure to help you put together an employee handbook that is fully adapted to your specific situation!