Flood and natural disaster support for New Brunswick businesses

Over the past 25 years, a total of 25 natural disasters occurred in New Brunswick resulting in more than $196 million being spent on disaster recovery and mitigation activities. If your residence or business has been affected by the flooding in New Brunswick, here are some useful numbers and links to help you get back to business.

Tax Remittance

CRA has the ability to cancel or waive penalties or interest under extraordinary circumstances, including natural or human-made disasters such as flood or fire. To submit a request for taxpayer relief, you will need to complete form RC4288, Request for Taxpayer Relief – Cancel or Waive Penalties or Interest.

Financial Assistance

The provincial government has an Emergency Measures Organization (NB EMO). If your property has been affected by a disaster, first contact your insurance company then immediately register for the NB EMO by calling 1-888-298-8555. After registering you can expect:

  • Water and electrical testing to ensure safety
  • Health and safety inspections to assess damages and required repairs
  • Disaster financial assistance to help cover eligible costs in certain circumstances. 

After a disaster, the NB EMO will assess damages and make a recommendation to government if a financial assistance program is needed. Upon this recommendation the government will set up a Disaster Financial Assistance  program to help mitigate damages. The DFA does not cover damages that are or could be covered by an insurance policy.  

Emergency Preparedness

If your business has not been affected by flooding, however you are located in an area that may be at risk, now is the perfect time to formulate an Emergency Preparedness Plan. If you do not currently have a plan in place, we urge you to use our checklist to help prepare your business in the event of a natural disaster.  

The NB EMO Emergency Preparedness booklet is also a useful tool for both residents and business owners who may be facing flooding, ice damage or other weather events.