Statutory Holidays: Two ways to pay in New Brunswick

Knowing how to pay staff for public holidays can be tricky – especially if you have staff that works varying hours. Most employees that have been employed for more than 90 days in the last 12 months receive pay for New Brunswick’s eight statutory holidays. This includes full-time, part-time and casual workers. 

There are two ways to calculate holiday pay in New Brunswick. Depending on the number of hours an employee works you may want to choose one method over the other. 

Option One: Paid like a regular day

You pay the employee a regular day’s wage for the statutory holiday when the holiday rolls around—even if they are not scheduled to work on the day the holiday falls. 

If an employee works a variety of shifts, a regular day is calculated by taking the number of hours worked in the last 30 days (not including overtime) and dividing it by the number of days worked.

Example: If in the 30 days before a holiday an employee worked 60 hours over 12 shifts (60 ÷ 12 = 5) then a regular working day would be 5 hours.

Option Two: Paid a bit on each pay cheque

You have the option of paying 4% of an employee’s total gross wages on each pay cheque. 

Over the course of the year, the 4% is equivalent as to what a full-time employee would earn for a holiday using method one. This method may be easier to track for employers that have shift work and casual workers. 

When an employee works on a statutory holiday: 

In addition to the above, regardless of how holiday pay is calculated, if an employee works on a statutory holiday, they will also get paid 1.5 times their hourly wage for that day. 

Example: If an employee makes $14.00 an hour and works, on a holiday they will get $14.00 x 1.5 = $21.00 per hour worked on that holiday.

Note: There may be exceptions. Employees in certain occupations (e.g., professionals, house and car salesmen) do not qualify to receive pay for a public holiday. 

Which holidays in NB are paid?

  • New Year's Day
  • Family Day (3rd Monday of February)
  • Good Friday
  • Canada Day
  • New Brunswick Day
  • Labour Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas

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