Canada Revenue Agency: A new payment method option!

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is now offering the option of making your payments at a Canada Post outlet. However, this new method does entail a cost! 

First step: Create your code
To make payments at your Canada Post outlet, you must first create your quick response (QR) code on the CRA web site. This is a code that will be personalized to you; it will contain all the information that CRA will need to credit your account. You will have to create a QR code each time you use this payment method. Be ready to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Social Insurance Number or account number
  • Tax type that you want to pay
  • Exact amount that you want to pay


Second step: Visit a Canada Post outlet

  • Print your QR code from the CRA web site and take it to a Canada Post outlet.
  • Tell the clerk the amount you are paying. The clerk will add the service fee and you will then be able make your payment by cash or debit card. You will be given a paper receipt indicating the amount paid and a reference number for your files. 

PLEASE NOTE! A service fee will be charged based on the amount of the payment. For further details, visit Pay at Canada Post on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

REMINDER: Many payment options are available to you

The Canada Revenue Agency offers a number of payment methods to make your life easier when it comes time to pay taxes. 

Still have questions about your CRA payments? Contact your CFIB Business Counsellor for all the answers!