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Providing paid and unpaid leave from work in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Employment Standards Act requires employers to grant periods of leave to employees in certain situations. The leaves may be paid or unpaid, and employees may have to meet certain criteria to qualify for the leave.
Listed here are the most common types of leave from work and what your responsibilities to your employees are.
In New Brunswick:

  • An employee may not be dismissed from his or her job while on a leave of absence for any reason arising from, or due to, the leave.
  • An employee continues to accumulate seniority during a leave of absence.
  • The employee must be allowed to return to the job he or she held immediately before taking the leave or to a comparable job with no decrease in benefits or pay.
  • Close family relationship is defined as the relationship between persons who are:
    • married to one another
    • parents and child
    • siblings
    • grandparents and the grandchildren
    • in a relationship though not married to one another and whether or not a blood relationship exists, demonstrate an intention to extend to one another the mutual affection and support normally associated with those relationships first mentioned.

Leaves are often accompanied by sensitive situations. When an employee comes to you to discuss a leave, please give business resources a call at 1 888-234-2232 or contact us at [email protected].


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