Preventing harassment at your Manitoba company

Part 10 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation requires every company to have written measures to prevent and address harassment in the workplace.

The two types of harassment covered are:

  • Inappropriate conduct by a person made on the basis of race, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, nationality, etc.
  • Bullying actions that affect a worker's psychological or physical well-being.

Normal and reasonable actions by managers and supervisors, including employee discipline, are not considered harassment.

Your policy must include:

  • Details on the rights and responsibilities of everyone in the workplace;
  • The procedures for dealing with complaints;
  • How everyone will be informed of the policy and how it will be monitored in the future.

Develop your policy in consultation with your: 

  • Safety and Health Committee (if you have more than 20 workers);
  • Worker Representative (if you employ 5-19 workers); or 
  • Employees (if you have 4 or fewer workers).

More resources to help you develop policies:

Once your policy is done, share it will all employees and post a copy in a prominent location.

Information is also available from SafeWork Manitoba's harassment web pageBulletin 275 and Guide.

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