Would your business pass a Workplace Safety Inspection?

Health and Safety officers conduct inspections to ensure businesses in various sectors provide safe and healthy workplaces in compliance with the Safety Act. 

You likely won’t get a call or a letter before they arrive to inspect your business. They are authorized to come without prior notice and you must accommodate them.

We recommend that you accompany any inspector on your premises and keep detailed records of that inspection including what areas of the workplace were inspected, what information was requested, and which employees, if any, were interviewed.

You will likely be asked for the following and specifics relating to the type of work done on premises or at your customer’s premises:

·         your most recent Hazard Assessment and follow up

·         training records for any elevated equipment workers & equipment

·         WHMIS training & related employee advisory materials

·         First Aid supplies, documentation & First Aid trained worker list

For construction industry and related businesses, fall protection  and ladder use are two high profile areas of concern.

High risk activities and/or accidents at the worksite can target your business for inspection.

CFIB can help you build your Health & Safety program and/or direct you to resources that can help .  Business Counsellors can point you to free and available training materials, research regulations related to your business & tips to help you lead your business to be a health & safety leader.