Are you in compliance with your health and safety plan obligations?

All employers in Ontario are required to take every reasonable precaution to protect worker safety, including health and safety instruction and supervision.

The most effective way to ensure worker safety is to have a health & safety plan in the workplace.

Getting Started

    1. Worker training (e.g., new workers, WHMIS, new job procedures)
    2. Workplace inspections and hazard analysis
    3. Analysis of the accidents and illnesses occurring at the workplace
    4. A health and safety budget
    5. A formal means of communication to address promptly the concerns of workers
    6. Confined space entry procedure
    7. Lock out procedure
    8. Machine guarding
    9. Material handling practices and procedures
    10. Maintenance and repairs
    11. Housekeeping
    12. Protective equipment
    13. Emergency procedures
    14. First aid and rescue procedures
    15. Electrical safety
    16. Fire preventionEngineering controls (e.g., ventilation)


Additional Steps The Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, an approved health and safety provider in Ontario, has the following resources: