Respectful Workplace Statement: Building loyalty, value, and morale

Workplace conflicts have always been present; when you put a group of diverse people together, there are bound to be disagreements. Due in no small part to recent world events, including the pandemic, there has been an increase in workplace conflicts centered around individual personal values.

In Canada, individuals are entitled to their own opinion and beliefs but often, when we express our political, personal, medical, or religious views in the workplace things can get uncomfortable quickly. When faced with discord, people can be quick to pick sides and assume that someone with a differing opinion is wrong or misinformed or even intentionally being disrespectful.

At times, it might seem like everyone is forgetting basic Human 101. It is a critical reminder to be kind and respectful and tolerant of others, and this includes those that have different opinions and values than us.

To help you encourage a positive environment we have created the simple yet powerful Respectful Workplace Statement Template.

The Respectful Workplace Statement is about your company culture and the environment that you want to foster. When employees feel valued and respected, it creates a positive workplace environment; encouraging employees to do their best, helping them feel fulfilled, boosting morale, and increasing loyalty. The statement lays out the rights and responsibilities of all parties – employer, managers, supervisors, staff, and customers – to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with dignity. It is a companion piece to your business’s anti-violence, anti-harassment, anti-bullying, and anti-discrimination policies.

We encourage you to implement and share the statement with all your employees and add it to your employee handbook. You may also like to post our Respectful Workplace companion poster around your workplace as a visual reminder of your commitment to this statement.

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