Somatic release: small moves to relieve big tension

Have you ever noticed you are clenching your teeth, pushing your shoulders up to your ears, scrunching your forehead or holding tension in your hands? If yes, you may need a somatic release!

What does somatic mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, somatic means “of the body”.

What is somatic release?

Somatic release is a series of small movements intended to relieve pain and excess tension which will calm your body and mind. The movements can all be done in place, whether you are standing or sitting, and no equipment is required.

When should you use somatic release?

You can use it when you are feeling tense, anxious, or stressed or make it a regular consistent part of your day. Our muscles can hold patterns of tension even after the stressor is eliminated. Often, we become unconscious of this tension if it becomes a habit.

Do a full body scan. Pay attention to your posture, your heart rate, and areas of tension in your body. Are there external stimuli bothering you like excessive noise or harsh lights? Once you have completed the inventory of where you are feeling tension or discomfort you should take 1 minute to do a simple exercise right where you are.

On the spot instant somatic release:

  • Unclench your jaw
  • Drop the tongue from the roof of your mouth
  • Move your eyes from side to side
  • Relax your forehead
  • Drop your shoulders
  • Turn your head from side to side
  • Shake out your hands
  • Relax your stomach
  • Take 3 deep, slow breaths

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