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ROE Web: the convenience of online filing

Tired of getting paper cuts? Record of Employment Web (ROE Web) is a secure web-based application allowing employers to create, submit and amend ROEs electronically. 

There’s no need to complete in triplicate, or worry about mailing completed forms. As long as you have high speed internet access and Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 or later, you can quickly complete and file ROEs online. 

You have three options for issuing ROEs through ROE Web:

  • Issue one ROE at a time through ROE Web Assistant.
  • Issue one ROE at a time using an online version of the ROE form.
  • Issue up to 1200 ROEs at once using the payroll extract. 

Is it secure?

Yes. All information is encrypted and protected by firewalls. A business assigns a Primary Officer (PO) to be the ROE Web Account administrator, and an authentication process verifies the PO’s identity. 

What if I make a mistake?

ROE Web validates your ROE immediately and will flag any missing information. If you realize that you made an error with calculations, you can retrieve the ROE and amend it without re-entering all the information. You will have access to issued ROEs for 6 years. 

Why should I switch?

ROE Web is a time-saving, reliable, and convenient way to submit ROEs:

  • Your filing deadline will be based on your pay cycle (rather than the interruption of earnings itself).
  • The accuracy of your ROEs will improve.
  • Save money on administration, storage and postage.
  • Your employees will get their EI payments quicker.

For more information on the ROE Web program, including the steps to register, please visit the Employment and Social Development Canada website.