Does your company need a social media policy?

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We are now living in the digital age, and with all – or most – of your employees active on social media, it has become essential to implement a policy on the use of this media.
Why should you use a policy on social media use?
Although social media offers huge potential in terms of reaching your customers, exchanging information and advertising, a misstep can create significant damage and harm your company’s reputation. Implementing a policy on social media use enables you to:

  • Provide your employees with tools for and an awareness of the appropriate use of social media.
  • Protect your company’s confidential information.
  • Advise your employees on the conditions of accessing and using social media on work premises.
  • Create an awareness of the risks associated with improper use of social media and the attendant consequences.

This policy have been prepared so that you can easily customize and implement it in your company. Please feel free to add anything specific to your own organization. 

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