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Speculation Tax Exemption Declaration Form

If your residential property falls within one of the “designated taxable regions”, as identified by the BC provincial government (below), you either have fill out the exemption declaration form that you received in the mail (you may do so online) by March 31, 2019, or you will have to pay the new Speculation Tax.

Are you in a taxable region but didn’t receive your exemption declaration form in the mail? Contact the provincial government immediately:

  • Toll-Free: 1 (833) 554-2323
  • Outside North America: 1 (604) 660-2421

What we’ve done so far

You have told us that government imposed red tape is one of your biggest concerns. Although the majority of British Columbians will be exempt from this tax, CFIB has advocated on your behalf to scrap or reconsider this tax, as you are now being forced to fill out more paperwork for something that doesn’t apply to your business. Our BC legislative team has met with the Minister of Finance Carole James to discuss alternatives. We will continue to work hard to eliminate time-consuming red tape and costly taxes such as this.

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